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About Localtix

Who is Localtix?

After 12 years as Local Tickets, we launched Localtix as a refreshed brand to celebrate our merger with big brother company Oztix in 2023.

Both companies are Australian owned and operated, and proudly hold the title as "Australia's Largest Independent Ticketing Company".

Powered by Oztix, Localtix is excited to launch an upgraded platform and benefits to our clients.

Localtix will always remain as the local events champion, with our down-to-earth approach and our community empowering local marketplaces.

Where can I find my Localtix Account?

Localtix does not have a customer account feature. For assistance with an order, our Customer Experience Team are available Monday to Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm and Saturday 8:30 - 4:30pm (online only) via our Contact Form or phone 1300 855 580.

Do you have an app? I can't sign-in to the app?

The Localtix Check-In app is for Localtix event staff use. We do not have an app available to customers.

About Tickets

How do I make a ticketing inquiry?

Our Customer Experience Team are available Monday to Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm and Saturday 8:30 - 4:30pm (online only) via our Contact Form or phone 1300 855 580.

Please include as much information as possible, for example the event and order number if known, to ensure a rapid response.

Can I ticket an event via Localtix?

Yes, Localtix can assist with any event no matter how big or small. If you would like to discuss your event, please contact our Client Success team here , email admin@localtix.com.au or phone us on 1300 855 580.

Where can I purchase ticket/s?

The best way to purchase a ticket is online at Localtix.com.au. Tickets may also be available via the Artist, Venue, Festival or Event Promoters websites.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Tickets may be available at the door if not sold out prior, this will vary between venues. We recommend purchasing tickets online in advance to avoid missing out.

Do you accept Companion Cards?

This will vary by event. Please contact our Customer Experience Team prior to purchase to confirm the Companion Card policy for the event you are wanting to attend.

You must hold a valid (Government issued) Companion Card and the order must be under the name of the Companion Card holder. Please never purchase a ticket for a companion, prior to contacting us.

  • Accessibility Seating: If you have accessibility requirements, please contact us for more information prior to purchasing.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Localtix does not currently have Gift Vouchers available.

Why can't I find an event on your website?

When searching for an event on the Localtix website, entering less information is more likely to yield a successful result. For example, searching 'queen' will return a result for 'Queens of the Stone Age' events.

Why do I need to provide my information to Localtix to purchase a ticket/s?

Your name, postal address, D.O.B, phone number and email address are required to assist Localtix in securely verifying customers when they need to contact us. Some events may not require all information to be recorded at the time of purchase. If applicable, these options will be removed.

Is my data secure?

Our privacy statement can be viewed here.

We may share your information with promoters or parties involved in the event you have purchased tickets for, for them to provide specific communications to their customers in relation to information about their upcoming event.

Localtix does not share your data or information to a 3rd party to market unrelated products or services to you.

We do communicate with ticket purchasers through email channels other events that are ticketed by Localtix, but these are communications that come from us and are related to other events that we believe our customers may be interested in.

What methods of payment does Localtix accept?

Localtix accepts VISA® or MasterCard® and zippay®*. Localtix does not accept AMEX® or Diners Club® cards. If you have a VISA® or MasterCard® gift card or temporary card, Localtix does not recommend using this for payment.

*not available for all events

NOTE: Localtix does not store your credit card details

What is the presale password?

Presale passwords are obtained via artist or festival fan club mail outs, newsletters and/or social media pages.

How will I receive my ticket/s?

We offer several delivery methods. Available options may vary depending on the event.

There are several different delivery modes:

  • eTicket (QR Barcoded Electronic Tickets):

    This is a PDF attachment to your order confirmation email.

  • SMS (QR Barcoded Electronic Tickets):

    This is an SMS link sent to the number entered during the purchase process.

    For both the above options, you can display the ticket QR barcode on your mobile phone / device. Just make sure you have turned up the brightness on your display.

    It is fine to separate barcodes if people using the eTickets wish to arrive at different times. Please ensure that you have one barcode per person as each QR barcode is scanned as an individual ticket upon entry to the event.

Due to system process checks, tickets can take 15 - 30 minutes to send. Please always check your junk / spam folder for ticket emails too.

  • Registered Post:

    Localtix will post your tickets to you via Registered Australian Post. You will receive a tracking number via email, please follow this manually as you will not receive any further automated updates.

    Upon delivery, a signature is required from a resident at that address to acknowledge receipt of the tickets. If no one is available to sign to receive the tickets, Australia Post will leave a card informing you that they unsuccessfully attempted to deliver to your address.

    The card will instruct you to collect from your local Australia Post Office. The tickets will be addressed to the person who purchased the tickets, as such they will be required to present valid photo ID at the Post Office, along with the card advising to collect the tickets.

Registered Australia Post usually takes between 5 and 7 business days to arrive.

My Registered Post ticket/s have not arrived!

If you have not received your tickets after 10 business days please enter the Australia Post Tracking Number, provided to you via email at the time of placing your order, via the Australia Post website, or call Australia Post on 13 13 18 ext 2 to enquire as to the location of your tickets.

What should I do if I cannot open the PDF attachments or cannot print tickets?

To open the PDF attachment containing your eTicket/s you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF viewing software installed on your device.

I can't find my tickets!

If you need your Eticket or SMS resent please contact Customer Experience Team, or call us on 1300 855 580.

Alternatively, door staff will be able to assist you with gaining entry - simply present photo ID matching the details on the order.

Can I change the name on my ticket?

Unless specified, tickets purchased via Localtix are not name specific. The details at the top of your ticket are for billing purposes only, these cannot be changed. Simply forward the ticket on to the person attending. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact Customer Experience Team, or call us on 1300 855 580.

How do I get a refund?

Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable except as outlined in our Terms & Conditions. Tickets must be treated like cash, if lost or stolen, we are unable to assist.

If an event is rescheduled, all ticketholders will receive an email containing the new event information as well as instructions to obtain a refund.

If an event is cancelled by the Promoter/s, Localtix will notify all ticket holders via email. All orders will be automatically refunded back to the card used during the initial purchase process.

If you have purchased third party refund protection through Booking Protect you can contact Booking Protect here .

Why is there a limit to how many tickets I can purchase?

As a conscientious ticketing agent, we take the issue of illegal ticket scalping very seriously. One of the many measures we have put in place is an 8 ticket per customer order limit. This ensures that anyone attempting to engage in illegal scalping cannot buy more than a reasonable number of tickets. This limit may be occasionally increased or decreased under instruction from the event promoter.

Can I re-sell my tickets?

If you cannot attend an event for legitimate reasons and want to sell your ticket via an online auction site, trading post or Social Media forum, Localtix will not object to your sale if the sell price is no more than the face value of the original ticket price (i.e., what you paid for the ticket).

The event promoter may however have a different policy when it comes to ticket resale and we urge you to review their terms and conditions, which may differ to the advice we give here.

We recommend reselling your tickets via the authorised and safe resale platform Tixel.

Can I buy tickets if I am based overseas?

Yes. Overseas customers are required to enter address details as best you can and include an Australian State or Territory in the relevant field to enable the order to be processed. Localtix does not post tickets to international addresses; you can only select eTicket (QR Barcoded Electronic Tickets).

I purchased a ticket off a 3rd Party; Can I check if it is valid?

Localtix does not support tickets purchased via any 3rd party. Purchasing tickets from any 3rd party is discouraged and you do so at your own risk. Localtix accepts no responsibility for issues which arise as result of ticket purchases from any 3rd parties. Localtix recommends you always purchase tickets from authorised ticket agents and not resellers. We cannot verify the authenticity of tickets purchased via any other channel other than the Localtix ticketing system. We recommend reselling your tickets via Tixel, the authorised and safe resale platform.

I have a pay overtime order but my card details have changed!

To update your card details, please contact our Customer Experience Team, or call us on 1300 855 580 prior to your next scheduled payment.

About The Event

What are the age restrictions for an event?

Age restrictions vary by event, so we encourage you to read the event information carefully, before purchasing your ticket/s, to determine if you are eligible to enter the event. Age restrictions are set by the event promoter, not the ticketing company.

Some events have special age restrictions (e.g., 12+), which are explained wherever applicable, however the most common age restrictions are as follows:

  • 18+: This event is for people who are aged 18 and over only. No ID, No Entry.

  • All Ages: This event is open to people of any age.

  • All Ages Licensed: The event is open to people of any age. There will however be licensed drinking areas within the venue where alcohol beverages will be permitted to be consumed. Should you wish to enter these areas, you will need to present valid photo ID proving you are aged 18 or over. No ID, No Entry into licensed areas.

  • Under 18: This event is for people under the age of 18. Anyone who is 18 or older, will not be admitted. The rules for under 18 events do vary per venue and for some events guardians are permitted to attend with their children under 18. We encourage you to check with the venue for further clarification.

  • Under 18 - Unless accompanied by a Parent and or Guardian: A minor will only be granted entry if accompanied by a Parent and or Guardian aged 18 or over. The rules for these events do vary per venue and for some events there are guidelines for who the minor can attend with. We encourage you to check with the venue for further clarification.

How can I get in touch with the event promoter?

Each event promoter will have their own website. This is the best way to contact the event promoter. Localtix does not release contact details for event promoters.

Where can I find event performance times?

If this information is not available on the event page where you purchased your tickets, it is unknown to Localtix. The only information we are provided with is the time the doors open to start admitting people into the event. This information is visible during the ticket purchase process.

Can I wear shorts / thongs or a singlet to this gig?

Each venue or event will have different rules relating to dress code. Localtix will display any dress code information provided to us on the first page of the purchase process. This information will give you a general understanding of any event or venue restrictions. Should you have a specific enquiry, we encourage you to contact the venue or event promoter for further information.

Can I take a chair, food, drinks, or an umbrella to an event?

This will vary at each event. As a standard rule, anything that may conceivably cause harm to another person will not be permitted into an event. Some events will allow food and drink; however, glass is never permitted. Please refer to the event website for further information.

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